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Picture taken on the Monday afternoon about 1.00 p.m. Carnival procession due to start at 3.00 p.m.
It has just stopped raining and the sun is breaking through, the weather was fine for the rest of the day
despite what the forecasters had said.

The red speakers in the centre of the picture are going full blast and this is as close as I can get
because of the vibrations in my chest from the bass notes. The man in the red anorak is slowly
dancing in a world of sound

This street is in the centre of the route of the procession and is probably one of the most
important streets in the area. It is the home of the Mandrake Restaurant. I had my first taste of
West Indian food as a guest in the Mandrake back in 1970 at 3.00 a.m. (another long story) in the
morning, I was the only white face in there and I am sure was only because my host was so
respected locally that I was allowed in - and out! I enjoyed the food.

I have been told that the Mandrake float, which carried a steel band, had the honour of
leading the procession.